Manicures Pedicures

Manicures Pedicures

Not all woman need or want acrylic or gel nails. Well manicured nails are a muist for a well dressed woman. All About Nails and Beauty offers a complete manicure and pedicure service.

Services Include:

Mini Manicure

  • Firstly the nails are filed to create the shape of your choice
  • The Nails are lightly buffed to help stimulate nail growth
  • If you wish your nails to be coloured a base coast or nail hardener is applied
  • This is followed by two coasts of a nail colour of your choice (there are many colours to choose from)
  • A quick drying top coat is applied to protect the polish from chipping
  • Lastly a coat of cutical oil will be applied to help nourish the skin and help the polish to dry


A manicure follows the same procedures as the mini manicure.

  • A full hand massage using OPI Avo Juice is completed at the end of the manicure (OPI AVO Juice is also available to purchase)

Deluxe Manicure

In a deluxe manicure the procedure is the same as a Manicure

  • The deluxe Manicure offers a exfoliating hand scrub which removes dead skin
  • This is followed by a hand and arm massage
  • The last stage is a paroffin wax, this infuses and rejuvenates your skin. The heat of the paraffin allows the hand cream to be absorbed into the skin. Your hands are left feeling smooth and supple.


Mini Pedicures and Pedicures follow the same procedures as a Mini Manicure and Manicure.

Deluxe Pedicure

A deluxe pedicure has an added step, your heals will have the dead skin removed using a file.

All files and equipment used with Manicures and Pedicures are maintained using strict hygiene procedures.

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