All About Nails and Beauty offers a complete waxing service. Clients are advised on the best procedure for their waxing needs. The most commonly used method is strip wax, however hot wax is available on client request.

The waxing facilities are clean and private and only the best products are used. We guarantee the waxes are never re-used.

At this stage All About Nails and Beauty does not cater for male clients.

Brief outline of waxing procedure.

  • The skin is cleaned and prepared to ensure maximum removal of hair
  • Pre wax cleanser and pre wax moisturiser is applied to protect the skin from aggravation
  • Wax is applied in a precise manner and removed with a material called Venetian Lace
  • The skin is then cleaned once more to remove and residue of wax and to protect against infection
  • The last stage is to apply a soothing lotion

After Wax soothing lotion Mango and Witch Hazel is a dual action post wax lotion that removes wax residue and conditions the skin. These soothing lotions calm the skin. It helps to protect the formation of ingrown hairs and pustules. They replenish the skin with vital nutrients.

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